Climate change is ‘the greatest commercial opportunity of our time, as Mark Carney says. Or, by 2050 the lives and livelihoods of us all will be negatively affected, environmentally and economically.

Which takes your fancy — brilliant opportunity or doom? …

I have mixed feelings about today; the anniversary of a marathon, a reunion (and later marriage), a funeral and a diagnosis.

Nine years ago I ran the Edinburgh marathon (in record-breaking fluke Scottish heat), flew home, went out to a miniature school reunion and won myself a husband.

One year…

Last week I attended a dinner for business founders and owners, during the week of International Women’s Day. As usual, I was the only woman at a large table of white men in blue shirts. …

Maddy Cooper

Founding Partner of digital strategy consultancy, Brilliant Noise. Love yoga, babies, Brighton and sunshine.

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